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The TIME CUBE is the ultimate time management tool! Since 1995, our original TIME CUBE has helped organize the lives of thousands of happy users. Our newest model has new functions and features.

TIME CUBE can help your everyday activities:

Wellness: Fitness is on all of our minds. We know how important exercise and staying fit are for improved physical and mental health. The HIIT navy blue cube has the most popular seconds countdown for the ultimate workout.
Learning: The TimeCube Plus is the exact tool teachers are looking for. It’s the easiest way to time block, encouraging focus by managing exercises and tasks with a simple flip of a colorful time. Kids love it!
Cooking: No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, everybody needs a little bit of help watching over the timing required for the multiple steps of a culinary masterpiece. Avoid over-cooking and let the TIME CUBE keep an eye out for each burner or oven for you!
Work: Today’s work-at-home lifestyle is busy and full of distractions. The TIME CUBE was designed to help you stay focused on the task.
Time Management: For those practicing a time management technique or program, the TIME CUBE is the perfect companion to keep you on task and block out scheduling chunks for better productivity and performance.