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Our Story

We started Voiz because we believed consumers deserved better from their audio products. We envisioned a line of audio products with not only superior sound quality, but also attractive designs that would incorporate the latest trends in consumer technology. This was the genesis of our journey towards creating the AiRadio.

First and foremost, we are a husband, Hiro, and wife, Lucille, team jointly dedicated to making this vision a reality. Hiro was born and raised in Japan where, in addition to having a genuine love and appreciation for all things music, he discovered an interest in the engineering and design of audio products. At just 13 years old, Hiro built his first radio from scrap parts and that blossoming childhood interest would never leave him. Hiro would go on to move to the United States where he has owned and operated his own design & development company for over 25 years now. In this time, Hiro has designed and developed a variety of products for many large U.S. retailers. Lucille previously was a sales manager for an electronics firm and, in the early days of the internet boom, founded and subsequently operated her own online magazine & store for over 15 years. We believe this track record of entrepreneurship and complementary experiences between us will make Voiz and the AiRadio a success.

Along with a strong willingness to chase our goals, high-standards for quality are a part of our DNA. Our focus is on developing products that we ourselves would enjoy, which means creating something that we'd proudly have in our own home. If we are satisfied with the feeling a product creates, the quality of its sound, and the features it offers, then that is something we'd like to share with customers in their homes. 

The AiRadio features a perfectly engineered “New England Sound" as we've had an experienced audio engineer, who previously worked for several top brands, develop a superior sound profile that is carefully crafted. More than just an excellent speaker, the AiRadio has been specifically designed to enhance any decor with a subtle nod toward retro and just enough of a modern touch to be a chameleon in any setting. The cabinet is composed of a sustainable bamboo shell that has a beautiful and flawless finish. We believe this gives the AiRadio a visually comforting look that makes it seem much more art than machine. And of course it has Alexa voice-control built-in, completing the process of making an elegant look fit right into a modern home.

AiRadio is just the beginning and we can't wait to share our passion with customers who want something more out of their audio products.