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Time is NOT money

Time is not money, but some might say time is money. Yes, once up on time, money promised to bring happiness, at least it seemed to do so. But we all know now, as money value is losing its value, it is no longer something to pursue your happiness. The future of work is not about time but about value, and it's up to us all to take back the ownership of our time. Time is a currency that we spend every day but trade away. It's also a commodity. We're exchanging our hours for money, losing sight of what matters most. It's time to stop selling our time and start making time for what matters most to you. OK, I hear you, saying is easy but doing is another. We still have a lot of obligations and daily chores that we cannot get away with. So why don't we start with a small step? Take 15 minutes from your busy daily schedule and use it for what matters most to your life; workouts, meditation, listening to or playing music, creating or appreciating arts, or reading or writing books. If you have no particular thing to do, write down what is your dream life in the perfect world. Dream your life regardless of the reality. It will help you to discover what you really want. By keeping this 15 minutes session every day, your subconscious mind leads to manifest what you dream of. Time Cube is designed to help encourage you to make time for what matters. Just turn Time Cube to 15 minutes, and it will guide you on the journey to discover yourself.

Time is not money

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