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How to find peace in a world that is full of chaos

In a world full of chaos and stress, it's hard to find peace. But there are some simple ways to find serenity now.

This blog will explore how you can find peace of mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We will also talk about how to find serenity now using the Time Cube.

1. Give yourself time

Peace of mind is one of the most important things in life. It can be hard to find it when constantly bombarded with information and distractions.

You have to make time for yourself, but also be sure to give yourself a break when needed and should not feel guilty about taking time for yourself because it is essential for our mental health and well-being.

You can start making time from 15 minutes and let the Time Cube help by turning it into 15 minutes countdown and doing what matters to you.

2. Exercise

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can reduce stress, increase energy and improve sleep.

Depending on how much time we have, you can use the Time Cube to set a 45, 30, or 15-minute routine.

The more challenging the exercise routine is, the more it will help you release all that pent-up energy and anxiety in your body. You will also have a sense of calm afterward and feel accomplished.

3. Meditation 

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help us find peace. Meditation is the act of focusing on one thing for an extended period, and it has been proven to lower stress, increase concentration, and improve memory. 

4. Listen to ambient music

Listening to ambient music is a great way to reduce stress. It is proven that the right kind of music can help you relax and make you feel more at ease. Ambient sound is a type of music created by nature and has been proven to reduce stress levels and provide a sense of calm.

There are many selections of ambient music on streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Qobuz, etc. For example, searching for the title "Meditation Music," "Calming Music," or "Healing Sound." Set the Time Cube to 15 minutes and play the ambient music. Use a quality sound audio device, and the sound quality affects the healing effect. 

I highly recommend Voiz AiRadio, which is designed to help stress reduction with pure sound and natural style. 

5. All of the above approaches

You may want to listen to the music while working out, and you can do the meditation as well. Get on the exercise machine and play ambient music on the Voiz AiRadio. Set the Time Cube to 30 minutes.

I have been practicing this for over six months and find it very effective.

I am horrible at sticking to routines, but the Time Cube motivates me. Every time I look at the Time Cube, it reminds me to do what is good for myself.

Meditation Exercise

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