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"For its size, the Voiz AiRadio Duo was one of the best-sounding radios I’ve heard."

Rad Bennett SoundStage Xperience


I have re-discovered the joy of music listening through Voiz. Highly recommended.

D Noda

The sound is clear and well balanced. Announcers voices are well articulated and the sound is non-fatiguing. Great job Voiz!

Robert H

The quality of my radio is top-end and beautifully compliments my wood furniture! Here's a radio I'll be listening to and throughly enjoying for countless years!!!

Dale T

Unboxing the Voiz AI Radio. Well packed. No damage in shipping. The bamboo is much more beautiful than I expected. Sound is excellent and I am looking forward to wrestling with Alexa over my new toy. So far very pleased with this device.

Ira M

We really love it so far. Wonderful sound and depth. The craftsmanship of the radio itself is beautiful. It has weight and is larger then it looks being a true well made home stereo component. The Voiz Air Radio has a built in Alexa unit that works perfectly on the units high end speaker. The Voiz IS an Alexa enabled radio and not JUST a speaker.

Tiffany D